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First Fridays at First is a neighborhood block party. That’s it, no strings attached, just a chance to get to know our neighbors and have some fun together. Every First Friday of the month we’ll feature a local band and food truck, some fun and games, and socializing. For October join us in welcoming the band Tie Dye Road and a local food truck Hick and Honey’s.

October 7
625 S. Grandview Ave (the lot next to First Pres Daytona)

Like Deja Vu backwards – where you see something new, and it feels familiar. But what if we could see all the familiar busyness we call a life, but newly alive?

What if spirituality didn’t have to add to your already busy life,
But could give you a better way to see everything already in your life.

Too familiar. Too busy to change. Who has time for something else? Church? Spirituality?!?! HA!

All we have is this life, right? This world, this place, this job, this friend group, this family, this post pandemic nagging question about what’s next in the LARGEST. POSSIBLE. SENSE.

Join us this fall for
The familiar, new

Wrapped in Love was established in 2011 to make baby quilts for NICU at Halifax Hospital. There is nothing like the comfort of a quilt to help relieve stress and worry during a very intense and emotional period in the life of a preemie. 

“We all are one in mission. We all are one in call.
Our varied gifts united by Christ,the Lord of all.
to plan and work together that all may know god
A single, great commission compels us from above
to plan and work together that all may know 
Christ’s Love.”

This is the first stanza of the hymn “We All Are One in Mission,” and perfectly describes our Wrapped in Love quilters mission.

Our mission is changing. Now we are making larger quilts for Pediatrics and throws for Hospice along with our baby quilts.

A warm welcome to anyone interested in joining.- no experience is needed. There is job for everyone. Our group meets every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m at 620 S. Grandview Ave Daytona Beach 

Adult Sunday School meets each Sunday (unless otherwise advised) in Edris Hall at 9:30 a.m.

Our school welcomes everyone and all who attend bring their differing perspectives, backgrounds, and knowledge to the group. 

Currently the class is exploring “Church History in Plain Language” and “Christianity Through the Centuries- A History of the Christian Church.” These are two texts from the library at First Presbyterian Church. Other sources include various DVD’s from the courses presented by Ray Vander Laan in the “That The WORLD May Know” series, as well as others.

Currently, we are exploring the formation of the early church as described in the Gospel of ACTS. 

Referred to as The Age of Jesus and the Apostles 6 BC – AD 70, we have on recent Sundays examined the growth in the number of the followers of Jesus.

The Sunday School class has discussed the early church led by the Apostle Peter, the other disciples, and Paul, and the number of challenges facing them.

Our examination of events within historical context, has included the role of certain cities in the story. Antioch in Syria was a recent topic of discussion. We have touched on paganism, Greek and Roman gods, the church of Caesar, and other interesting topics.

Placing these events into historical context is both challenging and rewarding as we gain a greater understanding of how the church began, evolved, and arrived in year AD 2022.

Looking to the future, we will begin a look at The Age of Catholic Christianity AD 70 – 312. in the coming weeks. 


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