FPC Adopts Care Portal as a Mission Partner

Care Portal, a part of the Global Orphan Project, deals specifically with foster children and their families. Our involvement began late last summer when a group was created to help foster families in Volusia County, and more specifically, in the area close to the church.  Care Portal works with case workers who identify needs ofContinue reading “FPC Adopts Care Portal as a Mission Partner”

40 Days of Kindness for Lent

Over this year’s 40 days of Lent, we invite you to a very special way of observing the season. Instead of giving something up (fasting)-or, in addition to giving something up-take something on! Specifically, we ask you to commit a random act of kindness each day. Of course, because we are who we are asContinue reading “40 Days of Kindness for Lent”

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School meets each Sunday (unless otherwise advised) in Edris Hall at 9:30 a.m. Our school welcomes everyone and all who attend bring their differing perspectives, backgrounds, and knowledge to the group.   The class is exploring “Church History in Plain Language” and “Christianity Through the Centuries- A History of the Christian Church.” TheseContinue reading “Adult Sunday School”