The Apology Letters

Honesty demands the church acknowledge it has done some things contrary to its purpose. For the month of May, First Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach is working on making amends to those church has harmed. As part of that, we are writing letters to people groups during our time of confession. Parishioners are given 90Continue reading “The Apology Letters”

Tell Your Story

Dear Friends and Family of First Presbyterian Daytona Beach, What a strange season we are in…There have been so many challenges and so many gifts. With the launch of Open Mic Liturgy – a spirit filled and hopeful experiment in worship that has drawn so many unchurched and dechurched into loving community – and theContinue reading “Tell Your Story”

Ken Medema in Concert

For four decades, Ken Medema has inspired people through storytelling and music. Though blind from birth, Ken sees and hears with heart and mind. His ability to capture spirit in word and song is unparalleled. Now thanks to a private donor and First Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach, we have the opportunity to experience hisContinue reading “Ken Medema in Concert”