First Presbyterian is a welcoming, progressive church that believes all are welcome at God’s banquet table. As a church, we affirm an apostolic faith in Jesus Christ while honoring the diversity of each individual’s connection to the Divine. Come enjoy beautiful choral arrangements, melodic organ and piano music, and traditional liturgy in our lovely stained glass sanctuary.

Our church is liturgical: we find connection to Holiness by bringing our modern selves to ancient altars. At First Pres, we find newness, creativity, and life in the traditions of our ancestors. Our worship is informed by the rhythms and prayers passed down to us and which connect us to a global and eternal Body of Christ. 

First Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach chooses to be inclusive to all God’s children, regardless of race, sex, age, or sexual orientation, and desires that all persons be included in the full life of the church including marriage, the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper), ordination and servanthood in all of its forms.

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Mariah Proctor: Director of Church Operations

Rev Katy Steinberg: Pastor

Susan Bridge Book keeper

Roberto “Beartoe” Aguilar & Joseph Koons: the Worship Team

Kim Hodges: Social Media Specialist

Dan Dascoli: Videographer


Class of 2022

Lucille Abbott

Tara Bryan

Nancy Gard

Jim Phillips

Class of 2023

Connie Bryan

Class of 2024

Martha Ash

Amanda Bowman

Susan Coleman

Clerk of Session: Martha Ash

Class of 2025

Beth Norton


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Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM EST

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The Apology Letters

Honesty demands the church acknowledge it has done some things contrary to its purpose. For the month of May, First Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach is working on making amends to those church has harmed. As part of that, we are writing letters to people groups during our time of confession. Parishioners are given 90…

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