Tell Your Story

Dear Friends and Family of First Presbyterian Daytona Beach,

What a strange season we are in…There have been so many challenges and so many gifts. With the launch of Open Mic Liturgy – a spirit filled and hopeful experiment in worship that has drawn so many unchurched and dechurched into loving community – and the mounting bills and challenges of post hurricane and post COVID life as church. 

All this on the year of First Presbyterian’s 100th Birthday. Life and death seem ever so near in times such as these, and that paradox, that closeness of here and there – already and not yet – is so integral to the Christian story. The power of story, all these narratives that make up our present identity and all those that have gotten us to this point are a powerful testimony to what it means to be a loving Christian community. 

It is in that vein that we ask for your stories. What are all those moments of joy, of transformation, of risk, of doubt, of death, and of new life. All those powerful moments that come together to form our 100 year history. We want to hear from you. We want to share and remember and love through these stories together. 

Please send us a note by post, email, or digital form (click here- with your story, your memories, your precious moments in the life of First Presbyterian. We want to feature these stories in our newsletters, websites, and other media as we cross the centennial mark and wait with baited breath for what God has next for First Presbyterian.

Thank you in advance for your faithful participation,both in this activity and the long life of this beautiful church. 

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Katy

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